A Six-Step Guide to Web Testing

Web applications are being developed with frequency these days, and each code line is liable to potential bugs. The cost of fixing these bugs is significantly more if they are found late, hence the need for web testing which allows developers to identify bugs very early and to test an application thoroughly before its release.Continue reading “A Six-Step Guide to Web Testing”

5 Commonly Asked Web Developer Interview Questions and Answers

In this digital age where the Internet is everything, web development and design jobs are highly successful career paths and many big firms hire developers on a regular basis. Going for a web developer interview can be the first rung in the ladder to your dream career. If you really want to excel in theContinue reading “5 Commonly Asked Web Developer Interview Questions and Answers”

4 Biggest Trends in Web Development at the Moment

The web, alternatively known as the Internet, has become more and more a part of our daily lives in recent years. We use the net for something and everything, ranging from shopping, to reading news, to research, trading and banking. As the demand for web development talent increases, so also does the scope of whatContinue reading “4 Biggest Trends in Web Development at the Moment”

The Life Cycle of Web Development

Before it is possible for the web pages to appear on the Internet, before the web app can be opened to generate traffic, before it can become a revenue generating tool, and before it creates a zenith of user experience, the website or web application goes through numerous stages that people are generally unaware about.Continue reading “The Life Cycle of Web Development”

4 Helpful Facts about Web Development that will Interest You

One very interesting fact about web development is that the way a website is rendered in one browser is different from how it is in another browser. A website viewed on a home computer using Google Chrome will look different when it is opened on Firefox using a mobile device. This depends on the renderingContinue reading “4 Helpful Facts about Web Development that will Interest You”