4 Biggest Trends in Web Development at the Moment

The web, alternatively known as the Internet, has become more and more a part of our daily lives in recent years. We use the net for something and everything, ranging from shopping, to reading news, to research, trading and banking.

As the demand for web development talent increases, so also does the scope of what developers can do.

Here’s a list of the main players reshaping the web tech landscape.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence is usually high on the list during talks on the future of technology. The biggest tech companies including Facebook, Microsoft and Google have been releasing their AI tech to the public.

AI is used by large applications to improve search engines (Google) or to identify damaged and inaccurate articles (Wikipedia). Recently, web developers have started using AI in innovative ways due to the increased access to AI development tools.


This is one of the latest web technologies designed particularly for the purpose of building dynamic web applications.

With the regularly updated Angular framework, developers can create front-end based apps without the use of other plugins or frameworks.

Angular features include MVC architecture, well-constructed templates, code generation and splitting, etc.

Progressive Web App (PWA)

PWAs are some of the hottest web trends at the moment. These apps load like the regular web pages, but they have a high functionality level. Regardless of the browser choice or network state, these apps can load instantly because they’re developed with progressive enhancements.

PWA is installable and user-friendly and it enhances the current web technologies – thanks to its in-built features and service workers. The idea of PWA is to create an app-like experience on websites.

Real Time Web Apps

Though these have been around for a long period, they are becoming increasingly more popular because they meet the needs of users for fast interactions.

The key idea of real-time web apps is that the connection between a server and a client is open, and the server pushes new data without the clients having to manually check back to see if something has happened.

This has been very common in the NodeJS world but it is rapidly spreading to other frameworks and languages.

Web technologies are being updated and improved regularly and so web developers should take advantage of this by staying up-to-date.

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