4 Helpful Facts about Web Development that will Interest You

One very interesting fact about web development is that the way a website is rendered in one browser is different from how it is in another browser. A website viewed on a home computer using Google Chrome will look different when it is opened on Firefox using a mobile device.

This depends on the rendering and parsing – the way browsers translate code and subsequently display it on a screen. These differences make it tricky to develop a website that offers everyone a great experience. However, web professionals familiar with CSS and HTML standards will be able to work around any browser issues.

1. Web Design determines the direction of users’ focus

The manner in which users read and browse through content on the net is dynamic. Based on a report of Nielsen Norman Group, dubbed as “How Users Read on the Web”, successful websites have a clean design layout that can be easily scanned. Once web visitors are unable to locate the needed content quickly, they tend to leave the website quickly.

2. A website can be antiquated after two years

Technology changes at a breakneck pace. The web browsers and the devices that are used in accessing the net change constantly. In the same vein, the design and development of websites need to evolve at the same pace.

An outdated website runs the risk of having sudden formatting issues, not displaying rightly in the browser, or not popping up effectively in search engine results. As a result, the site requires updates and regular maintenance.

3. Website source code impacts search engine ranking

If the coding of a website doesn’t guarantee that it appears on search engine results with respect to the title of the web page, relevant keywords, and the meta description, nobody will be able to access it regardless of its visually stunning appearance.

4. Multimedia Content can have a positive or negative impact

Inappropriate use of video and images can damage the performance of a website. For instance, large video and image files can radically slow down the website’s loading time. There is a strong possibility that a website visitor leaves the site for another if the loading is slow.

It is essential that web professionals only use multimedia content that are optimized for websites. This will ensure that website images and videos engage the visitors. It also guarantees that the website can enjoy a rich imagery or video content, without the fear of driving users away.

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